Good Times With The Grangers

Hermione had butterflies in her stomach. Her parents were due to arrive at any moment, and she was pacing back and forth by the front door to the Burrow, just waiting for them to arrive. She nervously poked her head into the house to see if everything was going to plan, and noticed that Ron was the only other person in the house with clothes on. Suddenly overcome with panic, she dashed around the house madly shouting at everyone to get decent before her parents arrived. Mrs Weasley caught her first, and calmed her down, saying that it wasn’t taboo at all to be naked in the wizarding world, and that was something her parents would have to deal with it. If they were too uncomfortable with it, then of course they would put on some clothes.

‘But it could be more fun than you ever imagined, Hermione dear,’ Mrs Weasley said knowingly. She smiled at the girl, before returning to her cooking. Hermione wasn’t sure what to do. She knew that she should be naked, but she just wasn’t up to showing herself to her parents. But my parents, they’re pretty much the only people outside this house who have seen me naked, she thought. She shrugged hershoulders to no one in particular, and made her way back to Ginny’s room to undress herself. She was glad that the summer wasn’t as mild as in previous years, and having no clothes on was a relief.

She opened the door to find Ginny and Harry reading a book together, with Ginny placed on Harry’s lap as they sat on her bed. Hermione gasped as she looked down to find Harry’s monster cock lodged deep in Ginny’s flooded cunt. Ginny’s eyes were glassy, and it was quite obvious that she wasn’t reading. But Harry looked as if nothing extraordinary was happening. Hermione started undressing herself, and Harry looked up from the book as if to enjoy the show. As she stripped off each piece of clothing, Hermione could see Harry’s cock throbbing more and more visibly. She slid over to where Ginny’s pussy and Harry’s dick were joined, giving

Ginny’s clit some attention before she pulled Harry out of Ginny and swallowed him whole. She sucked him up and down a few times before she heard the distant sound of the doorbell chiming.

She jumped up in alarm, and made a mad dash downstairs to meet her parents. She heard Mrs Weasley opening the door, and her parents at first shocked, and then accepting voices reached her ears. She was glad that her parents were so understanding, and made her way, slightly less anxious, to the living room. She was surprised to see her parents already naked too, and looked their bodies over. Her-mione had always thought her parents good-looking, and had often wondered how a plain looking girl had come to them. Her mother was tall, tan, and trim, with tits slightly larger than Hermione’s, which complimented her body perfectly. She had blonde hair, which fell past her shoulders in soft ringlets, framing her face in what often looked like a halo. She spent a lot of time at the gym, and it showed on her sleek physique, and toned (but not too big) muscles. She had pouting pussy lips that her daughter was immediately jealous of, and the road to her honey pot was marked by a light dusting of honey-coloured hair. All in all, she was a most alluring sight, even to her daughter, who was almost gagging to have a taste of her mother’s pussy. She greeted her with a hug, and as their tits pressed into each other, Hermione ran her fingers over her mother’s soft, smooth skin.

She breathed in the scent that was imprinted in her mind as the way her mother smelled. Her fingers became a bit more audacious then, as her fingers traced concentric circles over her mother’s breast, ending in her rubbing her finger softly over the nipple.

Jane Granger, once the dubbed Ice Queen of her generation, was both proud and ashamed that her own daughter had reduced her to a quivering mess with a single finger circling her nipple. She had been very turned on in the car, and had jacked her husband off all the way from Hertfordshire, a good two hour car ride. But to have the door opened by a naked (and sexy, if not slightly plump) woman sent her bloody racing, and to find that her only child and daughter was so gorgeous under all her plain clothes and bookishness was a lot to take in. So she forgave herself for getting carried away, and allowed her fingers to wander downwards, to her daughter’s sweet cunt. But Hermione was already pulling away, having caught sight of her father. He, too, received a hug, but his erection poked obscenely into his daughter’s stomach. Hermione looked down, and was impressed with the sight that met her eyes. Her father was big. Not quite as big as Harry, but definitely not too far off, and definitely bigger than Ron. Hermione thought he was about the same size as Mr Weasley.

Both Hermione’s parents let their hands wander over her body now. Mr Granger caressed her supple ass cheeks, feeling their firmness in his hand before moving upwards to her back. Mrs Granger had attached her mouth to one of her daughter’s puffy nipples, causing her to moan in pleasure. Her fingers were moving steadily down to Hermione’s lower lips, and each small movement elicited a primal growl from Hermione’s throat. Hermione gave in to her perverted streak, leaving her conscience and inhibitions flailing aimlessly in her mind as she grabbed her father’s

cock in her fist, and began beating it off frantically. Her mother had by now reached her dripping cunt, and ran her fingers softly along the outer lips, watching as more and more pussy juice dripped to the carpet from Hermione’s slit. Mr Granger was moaning now, quite obviously ultra-horny, and most likely because his own daughter was jerking him off. Hermione increased the speed with her hands, hearing her father gasp. She saw his balls tighten, and knew that it wouldn’t be long now. She wasn’t sure what her parents would think of her swallowing his cum, but she was too horny to care, and too addicted to it to miss out.

‘I’m. . . cumming!’ her father grunted, and Hermione seized her opportunity, planted her face in firing range of her father’s cock, ready to eat the sperm that conceived her. Strange, she thought, any of the sperm I’m about to eat could have given me a brother or sister, if I wasn’t such a cum-whore. Hermione felt dirty,naughty and very slutty at that moment. As if working on its own steam, her head moved forward slowly, her mouth gaping, only stopping when as much of her father’s cock as possible was past her lips. He gasped again, more audibly than the last time, as the first load of cum shot from his cock, landing on Hermione’s waiting tongue. He shot three more loads into her mouth, which she swallowed slowly, savouring the taste of her father. She then gave his rapidly softening dick a few hard sucks to remove any sperm that may have evaded her. This also served to get him hard again, and he moved away from Hermione towards his wife, who had her pussy exposed to him, and was tweaking her nipples in anticipation.

It was surreal for Hermione to witness her parents fucking, just imagining the same thing happening about sixteen years ago, an action which culminated in her conception and birth. In a strange way, she felt closer to her parents for allow-ing her to witness this, but she supposed that they were too horny at that mo-ment to care either way.

She gasped as something warm touched her ass, and turned to find Harry standing there, his left hand positioned as if he was trying to control his cock, and his right tracing gentle but random patterns on Hermione’s skin.

‘That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen in my life,’ he told her, ‘apart from seeing you and Ginny suck me off at the same time.’ He smiled then, a wry smile, which dissolved into an uncertain look almost as quickly as it had come. He was quite obviously trying to ask her something. . . something that wasn’t very easy to ask. Hermione’s sexually excited brain was hoping, praying that he’d want to fuck her. She’d been looking for an excuse to slip it into conversation for the last few days, but had always lost her nerve. She had confided in Ginny, which had made her feel better, but she always turned into a puddle of liquid when the subject was almost at hand in Harry’s presence.

His cock looked gorgeous in the summer sunshine that filtered through the win-dows, and Hermione could only wonder how it would feel inside her, and whether it would chase away the empty, hollow feeling she always had when she was horny. She supposed it was some kind of natural, procreative mechanism for a woman to want a

hard, hot cock inside her, and sank to her knees in front of Harry to give lip service to his divine flesh. But Harry’s calloused, gentle hands caught her before her knees hit the floor, and he pulled her into a deep kiss. Their tongues wrestled gently for a few minutes, and Hermione tasted Ginny’s pussy on Harry’s tongue, just as he tasted her father’s cum on her own. Harry had never complained about any strange tastes, and Hermione wondered whether he had tasted cum before in his life. He may have been inquisitive about why so many girls refused to swallow, and saved some from a wanking session to see where the problem lay. Harry had told her that they used to suck each other off once in a while in the boys’ dorm, when finding a girl to do it was too difficult or scary. But she knew that Harry wasn’t gay, because she wasn’t gay either, and had eaten her fair share of pussy. And before the day was out, she would be eating her father’s cum out of her mother’s pussy. Hermione had been one of the girls that had flatly refused to even suck a cock, but looking at herself then, she realised that she had missed out a lot.

‘I want to make love to you, Hermione,’ Harry whispered softly. Hermione’s knees turned to jelly, as she sank into his arms. She nodded feebly, and felt herself being lifted from the ground. She opened her eyes, not even realising that she had closed them, and found herself being placed beside her mother on the sofa. Harry took up the same position as Hermione’s father beside him, and rubbed the head of his cock up and down along Hermione’s already slick pussy lips. He replaced his cock with her fingers, spreading her outer lips with one hand, while sliding first two, then three fingers into her tight love canal, easing her tight hole open so as to cause the minimum amount of pain when he entered.

Hermione felt her pussy unclench with the work Harry was giving them. He looked straight into her eyes as he continued, and Hermione saw how much she meant to him right then. Any misgivings she may have had disappeared in that instant, and she begged Harry to just stick it in.

‘You’re – you’re. . . sure?’ he asked, stuttering over every word. Hermione thought his voice wouldn’t go amiss on a virgin, but Harry had been fucking Ginny and Mrs Weasley all over the house for the past few days, and was sure to have a go with her own mother today. Hermione resisted the urge to giggle, and nodded confidently. This seemed to persuade Harry, and he returned once more to take charge of the sit-uation. He ran his hands languidly over Hermione’s naked body, drinking her in with his eyes. He explored every crevice and fold of her body, memorising her and setting her nerves on fire with his touch. She cried out in frustration as Harry ministrations brought her to the edge of climax and back again, her orgasm still incomplete.

‘I want it INSIDE, Harry. Please, just put it in me. I want to feel you inside me. Please, cum inside me.’ It was almost as if Harry was waiting for her to beg. He eased his prick into her, stopping every few centimetres to allow Hermione to get used to his invasion. He was surprised to note that there wasn’t any resistance, but knew that only a virgin could have a quim this tight. It was almost more than he could stand, and it took every ounce of self-control that he possessed not to start fucking her like a madman. He wanted her first time to be special, memorable. Not something to be

forgotten as soon as possible. He wanted to hear her scream out his name when she came. He wanted her to feel him cum inside her, feel it flow from him into her belly.

Hermione wrapped her arms around Harry’s neck, drawing him closer to her and pushing his dick further into her, while engaging him in a kiss. Harry broke the kiss, using his lips and tongue to tease the skin behind Hermione’s ear, letting her set the pace of their fucking. She soon accelerated, crying out in a mix of pleasure and pain. But from the look on her face, the pain was being rapidly diminished, and replaced by unadulterated pleasure. Harry was close to cumming now, and hoped that Hermione would get a move on with her own orgasm. He allowed his fingers to roam downwards, finding her distended clit and rubbing it. He wet a finger with pussy juice, and began caressing her clit in ever dwindling circles. He could hear her breath get laboured, and he could feel her pussy squeezing his cock now, clenching and unclenching with every thrust. She was moaning now, each sound an ecstasy of unfulfilled but boundless pleasure. Her eyes were closed now, and her body was on autopilot. Being filled to the brim made her feel complete for the first time in a long while, and Harry’s cock inside her promised to give her feeling she had never encountered. It had promised the strongest, most destructive orgasm she had ever experienced, and she could well believe that. Her resolve was almost broken as she tried to hang on for another second, but soon she couldn’t take it anymore, and let the pleasure wash over her. The feelings that emanated from her pussy and spread through her body overwhelmed her, and he fell into Harry, convulsing wildly as her orgasm ravaged her body.

At that very moment, Harry came inside her. It seemed like he had been holding on, waiting for her to cum first before he allowed himself the pleasure. But he did succumb eventually, and Hermione felt a wet heat rise within her, threatening to burn her up in her own pleasure. As Harry’s cock became flaccid and slipped out of her, she felt content, but empty once more. And she knew that she could quite easily become the biggest slut Hogwarts had ever seen, if Harry was ever to stop fucking her.

Hermione looked over at her mother, who was playing with the cum that lingered in her pussy. Hermione climbed over to her, and arranged herself to give her mother access to her own pussy, while she ordered herself to allow easy approach to her mother’s cunt. She licked and sucked and swallowed, each time sending her mother into raptures of pleasure. This was turning her on once more too, and her father and Harry were already hard again. Harry was introducing himself to Mr Granger, and they were looking at each other’s cocks with respect etched clearly across their faces. Harry’s eyes wandered over Hermione’s body, and then down to her mother’s. He smiled a lascivious smile, one that was returned by Hermione, who had caught his eye. They had finished licking and sucking the cum out of each other, and were now all set for another round of fucking. Mr Granger and Harry looked at each other, and in an instant had realised exactly what the other wanted. Hermione, too, was now looking at her father’s cock with fascination, knowing how naughty this would seem to the Muggle world, and her pussy flooded once more. All these forbidden, taboo things that she had seen and done had made her feel so horny. Watching

Ginny suck Harry off, masturbating with an audience, it all never failed to make her horny. Now she was going to fuck her father, and she was positively gagging for it. Hermione untangled herself from her mother’s embrace, and rolled over into a slouched sitting position, with her pussy exposed to her father. Mr Granger got down on his knees, and scooted himself closer to her, before bowing his head to take his first forbidden taste of his gorgeous daughter.

He nibbled her hard clit, making love to his daughter’s cunt with his tongue, sending her over wave after wave of pleasure. He was waiting for her consent, as he still felt a little guilty about fucking her. He just wanted to hear her say the words, and then everything would be all right.

‘Hermione, darling. Tell me it’s all right?’ he whispered.

‘Please, Dad, put it in me. I need to feel you in my pussy,’ she pleaded. That was all he needed, and it was only a matter of seconds before he was buried hilt deep within her, pumping his cock in and out of her tight cunt like a piston. Hermione looked over at her mother and Harry, her vision clouded by a haze of pleasure. But she could see enough to know that both her mother and Harry were intertwined in pleasure. She could almost make out the beads of sweat running down Harry’s chest and her mother’s shapely breasts. Her attention was drawn towards them even further at her mother’s next words.

‘My ass, Harry. I want it in my ass, please,’ she pleaded. Harry pulled out of her cunt excruciatingly slowly, making her gasp as the head popped out. He rubbed it against her drooling pussy, allowing his pre-cum to mix with her pussy juice, and provide some natural lubrication for what he was about to do. He gently ran a finger around her asshole, making her shudder and gasp, before replacing it with the tip of his cock. He pressed softly into the minute gap in the centre of her ring, as if requesting entrance, spurred on by her incessant moaning and groping. He was obviously going too slowly for her liking, and grabbed him around the midriff. She pulled him forcefully towards her, burying his thick cock into her tight rear passage. She held him close, savouring the feel of him filling her up, before she loosened her grip and allowed him to thrust in and out.

Harry had thought that he had found the highest pleasure in fucking a pussy, but even the tightest virgin cunt couldn’t compare to this. He could feel her fingers as she penetrated her pussy with them, caressing his cock through the thin wall. He heard Hermione gasp, and ceased his thrusting in order to take in the sight of Hermione being pounded mercilessly by her own father. She was looking back at him and at the point where his cock was embedded deep into her mother’s ass. Not for the first time, Harry wished his mother was still around, and that he had a sister. Hermione was now gasping on every thrust, her pussy coating her father’s cock with glistening girl-cum. She was almost in heaven, and realised at that moment that only Harry could give enough pleasure to feel like she was soaring through the clouds, regardless of how much she loved her father, and how naughty and horny it was that she was fucking him.

Harry was at the end of his tether, short seconds away from spilling his seed deep within Hermione’s mother’s ass, when she screamed in orgasm herself, telling him that she wanted it all in her mouth. Harry made the necessary arrangements for her to get her wish, pulling himself out of her ass, and positioning his prick by her mouth. She swallowed as much of him as she could. She needn’t have bothered, as Harry came as soon as her hot tongue touched his cock. He squirted a good eight loads inside her mouth, and pulled out as the last load shot out of him, hitting her square on the cheek. He looked over at Hermione, who seemed very impressed with him. She was stroking her slit, with her Dad nowhere to be found. Hermione leaned over, and licked off the stray puddle of cum from her mother’s face, before locking lips with her and partaking of Harry’s delicious sperm. All three were basking in the after-effects of ravishing orgasms, and were idly stroking each other while they recovered.

But a long, painful scream assaulted their senses and had them back to Earth in no time, springing to their feet to investigate. It was Ginny.